Wig/Lenses Review

Since some of my reviews are a mash of eBay sellers and the quality of the wigs, the list is set up so that if it has a seller review, the seller's name will be first, and then if there is a wig review with it, it will have the character I used the wig for. It wasn't as confusing when I first wrote them, so hopefully I'll be able to find a better system for this. The link will lead you to the post I wrote for it.

Note: If they have a number next to it (ex. 1.0, 2.0), that's the version (ex. first version) of the outfit I did, if I decided to buy a new wig/revamp or something.

eBay user: cosplayanimewigs - Kurama Wig
eBay user: superoutlet-2009 - Hatsune Miku Wig 1.0
eBay user: rixinyueyi9898 - Summoner Yuna Wig 1.0
ebay user: peaceofworld2010 - Gunner Yuna Wig
ebay user: lliying123 - Rei Ayanami Wig

Circle Lenses
Facebook seller: ♥╮Barbie Eye╭★隐形眼镜
Seller: Candylens