Thursday, February 25, 2010


Wahhh! I’m so angry at myself for not blogging for a month.. >< I realized that taking 5 classes was probably not the best idea in the world.. Starting to feel stressed from the school work.. Midterms are coming up.. Well I have one this friday.. D; Still have to study some more! Umm.. what else.. I hate neglecting mah nail artttt >< My painting class.. which is something I love.. isn’t turning out like how I expected it.. Well, it’s oil painting and I’ve never done oil painting before.. The techniques are completely different from acrylics so it’s hard to get used to.. Especially with no prior training.. But yeah.. More nail tutorials to come!
LuxuriousNails on YouTube has a contest that’s ending at the beginning of March. I’ve been meaning to submit something. I had the idea to do a Hello Kitty inspired tutorial xD Hopefully after midterms are over, I will be able to make more tutorials! I’m also working on my shop so I can sell nails and charms! Check out some of my work on my deviantArt! Umm.. Yeah that’s also I can think of for an update..
AnimeNext is just around the corner!! Well.. it’s not until June but time flies! I hope I can get a table by then.. If not.. I’ll just be there cosplaying! So far I’m cosplaying as Pichu, Yuffie (Advent Children), and… not 100% sure about the last one.. If I can’t think of anything, then it’ll be Taiwan for Hetalia. Or maybe I’ll just do another Final Fantasy character.. I wanted to cosplay as Yuna, summoner outfit, but I feel like that’s so overdone nowadays.. xD So who knows!

That’s the unfinished product! But you get the idea xD