Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tokyo Fashion Festa New York Part 2 Cosplay

I modeled in the Tokyo Fashion Festa last night at FIT! I had a great time and met a lot of awesome people. For the show, I did a revamped version of Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid, in the outfit she wears in the song "Magnet," since the first time I cosplayed it, it was more of a closet cosplay and I didn't have the correct wig.

This time, the dress as completely re-done, new/borrowed wig, and different accessories! The shoes and headphones/hat were the same. The wig I borrowed from the oh so talented cosplayer, Kitsy Dolly (her deviantart). I really wish the event was longer! It felt soo short, but it was so exhilarating! I managed to cram Miku in.. 3 days.. hahaa.. I will never do that ever again! You'd think I learned from AnimeNEXT last year.. but nooo.. Had to do it again.. But she came out great!

Anyways! I want to thank my friends who came out to see me! You know who you are! The experience was just amazing. This was the first time I modeled in a fashion show and the first time for any sort of professional modeling that wasn't TF/TFCD.

I loved it! Met lots of new people and the models were all so talented! Just seeing all the other fashions in the show made me love it even more! I really want to get into Japanese fashion/name brand now.. Well, at least learn about them! Since they are oh so expensive haha. The make up artists were all flown in from Japan, and they did an outstanding job. I just.. can't even.. xD Plus they had really cool clothing haha. One of the make up artists was the lovely Akiko Yoshizawa. She does really beautiful work. (And one day.. I will learn enough Japanese to be able to read her blog.. xD)

After the show we had a tea party/ reception. Had so many pictures taken! It was cute when people told me they loved my character. One mother came up to me with her two sons and told me that her son loves my character haha.

IT ALSO MADE ME WISH I CONTINUED LEARNING JAPANESE! Because the person hosting the event is Japanese, along with all the makeup artists. But I still managed to understand some of it xD It was cute when Akiko was asking me a question about how I did my eyebrows (I colored them blue for Miku) in Japanese, and she realized that she was speaking to me in Japanese xD

I met Tokyo Circus Ringmaster Yoshi. Well, got a picture with him haha. I initially didn't know who he was until I googled his sign. What else.. Oh! All the models received a bottle of FiberWig mascara! Well.. we got some other things as well, but it doesn't top the Fiberwig xD So be on the lookout for a review!

EDIT: Added some YouTube links!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ebay Wig Review: cosplayanimewigs

My first year cosplaying and I needed a wig for my Kurama cosplay. This was my first time ordering a wig so I wasn't sure what to expect. I am very particular when it comes to details and colors. I wanted the perfect color for a Kurama wig and one that looked realistic, because his hair color is bright to begin with. I found one that I particularly liked.

Here's the reference image of Kurama. I picked this one because it's slightly darker than normal.

The wig I stumbled upon is from cosplayanimewigs.

I didn't mind that it was curly because it was heat resistant as well. I prefer them to be heat resistant anyways because you never know when you need to straighten it, or curl it again.

I had a positive experience with this seller. The wig I received was a lot curlier than in this picture.

The color is almost exactly like the one in the picture. I really love the quality of it as well. It's soft and feels like real human hair. They said it's "Natural Heat Resistant Fiber."

The shipping was fairly quickly as well. They shipped it on May 6th. I can't
remember the exact date I received it, but around the 14th, so it took about a week.

Rating: ★★★★☆/ 4.5 out of 5

- Excellent quality
- Shipped quickly
- Wonderful color, matches image
- Heat resistant
- Feels soft, like actual human hair

- No tracking number

Price: 32.99$ + free shipping = 32.99$
Item Location: Shanghai, China

Would I purchase from them again? Yes, I definitely would. I love the quality of wig and the way it looks.

If you wish to purchase this wig, search "Copper Red Hi-Temp Long Curly Wavy Cosplay Wig" in the eBay search bar, or look through cosplayanimewigs's profile page.

EDIT (2/14/2011): I get asked questions about this wig all the time. As far as I know, the eBay seller I bought it from doesn't sell it anymore. I sent them an e-mail asking if they sell it and I will update the reply! (You can find the same wig on their eBay, but the image is different, and the wig is a darker red.) If you searched the wig, you'll find another seller that uses the same image as the one I bought it from. (Even the same watermark..) I can't comment on the wig because I've never ordered from their store. Just make sure you check the name when you search it! The store I purchased from was "CosplayAnimeWigs." The store that has the same image is "CosplayAnimeWig."

EDIT (2/19/2011): I received a reply from the seller, and they said that there had been a listing error. The same wig can be purchased at the website! Located here. Click here for the wig link!