Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nail Max! Inspired Black Sparkly French Tutorial

This is a tutorial to help you create elegant and stylish looking nails! This was a look inspired by a look in the Japanese nail magazine, Nail [ネイル] Max! You can check out the video version by click here!

All You Need Is:

Cover Girl’s Continuous Color 3 in 1 in Crushed Pearls
ABSOLUTE! Black Nail Polish
Cover Girl’s Boundless Color Silver Glitter Nail Polish
N.Y.C. Starry Silver Glitter Nail Polish
Silver Glitter, Rhinestones, and Toothpicks
Kiss Glass Shine Top Coat

NOTE: You don’t have to use these specific brands! These are the ones I used :]

Here is the inspiration;

First, prep those nails! I used Prep N’Clean Dehydrant by A.S.P. because it dehydrates my nails by removing its natural oils and removes dirt. This makes it easier to prevent peeling. But don’t worry if you don’t have Prep N’Clean Dehydrant, nail polish remover works just as well.

Now, apply your shimmery basecoat. You can use just a plain silver shimmery one or one with a pink tint. Here I used a shimmery pink tinted polish. This will protect your nails and keep them looking smooth and it helps if your nails are slightly discolored. You don’t need to apply too much.

Next, apply your black polish! I realized that in the picture they used a navy shimmery polish.. But they’re your nails, you can do whatever you want with them haha. Now paint along your ‘C’ curve. If you’re not good at it, that’s all right! Just use smaller strokes. Sometimes you just have to paint how you think it looks. Not everyone’s ‘C’ curve is perfect, and here, the shimmery pink polish made it difficult to see where the curve was. You can also extent the strokes past the ‘C’ curve. This helps make your nails look longer. But remember! If you paint too much past your natural curve, it can look awkward.

Next, you need your shimmery glitter polish! Apply it along your ‘C’ curve. You do not need to apply too much because we will be applying more glitter later on.

Now, apply your Starry Silver Glitter Nail Polish. Apply it the same way you apply your shimmery glitter polish! The main reason I’m using it is for the glitter portion, because the N.Y.C. Starry Silver Glitter Nail Polish has bits of different glitters. Gently dab it on. Do not glob it on! Not only will it take forever to dry, it will come out chunky!

For the next step, you need silver glitter and some toothpicks. It will pick up more glitter this way. Pour a bit of glitter on a piece of paper. The reason for this is so you can pour the excess glitter back into the jar. Also, this type of glitter sticks very easily. If you happen to get it on your table, a moist paper towel should be enough to remove it.

You can break off the tip of the toothpick to make it more blunt. For easier application, dab the toothpick in some clear polish and dab it in the glitter. Apply it along your ‘C’ curve.

When that’s done drying, get out your rhinestones! I used brush on nail glue to help it stick more. You can also use clear nail polish. I only applied the rhinestones on my ring finger nails. Here I used two different sized rhinestones. Apply the smaller ones along the ‘C’ curve on your ring finger. If you are using nail glue or polish as adhesive, don’t press them on all the way. Just in case you mess up, you can always move them around.

Place the bigger rhinestone in the middle under the smaller stones. Now place two smaller rhinestones next to it.

Finally, your topcoat! For the nails with the rhinestones, apply the topcoat around the stones. You can apply it over, but I’ve never had great results from doing so. So I’d advise you not to. I try to apply a thin layer of topcoat so it does not peel off as easily. And now you are finished!

Here is a picture of my nails using the shimmery pink polish.

And a picture using the shimmery silver polish.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Stay beautiful ^-^

-Kawaii Riceball

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kiss New York Pure Fiber Mascara Review

Yayy my first review! Haha. So today I will be reviewing the Kiss New York Pure Fiber Mascara.

KNYPF Mascara 01

Its Claims:

What it is: A big, fuzzy brush mascara with fibers that cling to your lash hairs to create the appearance of a great new set of luxurious, lush lashes.

What it does: Combines a fiber rich formula which meshes with your lashes adding a layer of high pigmented color and lash textured fibers which multiples the length and volume of your natural lash hairs.

What else you should know: This hypoallergenic formula won’t clump or flake and creates a flagrantly bold, lavish lash line that lasts all day without touchup.

The Review:

- Lengthened my lashes
- Easy to build up
- Easy removal
- Didn’t really flake
- No basecoat needed

- No volume whatsoever
- Clumps, which could be good or bad for some people.
- Brush is indeed massive, so you might get it on your skin easily
- Not waterproof, so if you sweat, cry, or make contact with water, it will run.
- Doesn’t hold a curl, so unless you have long lashes, you’ll probably end up re-curling afterwards.
- Only comes in True Black… which for most.. is a good thing xD

The background story to my discovering this product was that I was in a beauty store, and this caught my eye. I mean.. the bottle is gold for goodness sake! And it was really cheap, it was 3-4 dollars, I can’t remember. But I have a tendency to buy mascaras because.. well.. my eyelashes are puny.. xD And I pretty much fall under the spell of the mascara when they use the words, “length” “volume” “multiply” or “extension.” You get the idea. They use fibers that attach to your lashes to make them look longer. Blah Blah Blah.. All self explanatory.

So! This is my eye without anything.

KNYPF Mascara 02

This is my eyelashes after they’ve been curled.

KNYPF Mascara 03

Now this is after I applied the mascara. You can see that there is definite length. It’s already started to clump because I did a few coats, but it’s okay.. for now.

KNYPF Mascara 04

This is after I waited for it to dry and applied another coat. For the record, I didn’t do one coat, I did a few. You begin to see some thickness. There’s a lot more clumping now and since the fibers make my lashes uncurl, I re-curled them.

KNYPF Mascara 05

And this is the transition!

KNYPF Mascara 06

Would I buy this mascara again? It’s mixed feelings. I probably would because it definitely lengthened my lashes. Whoot! And it was really cheap haha. My only real reason I wouldn’t get it is because it isn’t waterproof, but I’m sure if you put a coat of waterproof mascara over it, it would be fine. There’s also the problem with the volume, but I put coat of Maybelline’s Volum’ Express as a base coat. So if you generally put a layer of volumizing mascara as a base coat, you should be good :] Clumpiness? Well.. there’s nothing you can really do about that.. You can try to use a mascara like CoverGirl’s Lash Blast, (which is a great mascara if you hate clumps) over it. But.. I haven’t tried that yet and I gave it back to my mom when I went back home.. @____@ So.. haha I won’t know. But feel free to experiment! So, yes I’d probably buy this mascara again. :]

KNYPF Mascara 08

I hope you all enjoyed this review! Take care!


Kawaii Riceball

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween 2009!

Wahh! I haven’t done a post in a while T~T Partially because of exams and because.. well.. I definitely procrastinated xD But anyways.. Halloween was.. almost two weeks ago? I went trick or treating xD Hahaa yesh no crazy parties for me.. yet.. @____@ YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO GET FREE CANDY! It rained though.. and we got almost no candy!! I dressed up as a princess. xD It was a last minute decision haha. Ummm so some pictures! :D So kimchi + ramen = ♥?
And some eye make up! :D
I hope everyone had an awesome and safe Halloween!
Kawaii Riceball