Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Midnight Sparkly Nails Tutorial

Here is a tutorial to show you how to create a simple but fashiony look! You can check out the video version by clicking here!
All you need are:
Skin Food Base Coat
ABSOLUTE! Black Nail Polish
Boundless Color Silver Glitter Nail Polish
N.Y.C. Starry Silver Glitter Nail Polish
Kiss Glass Shine Top Coat
NOTE: You don’t have to use these specific brands! These are the ones I used. :]
First start out with clean nails! If you want to prep your nails beforehand, use nail polish remover. This will remove your nails of its natural oils and make it easier to prevent peeling.
Next, apply your basecoat. Here I used one with a pink tint. This will protect your nails and keep your nails looking smooth and if your nails are slightly discolored.
Now apply your color! Here I used black, but you can also vary it and pick another color. Just paint a straight line across. I used a striper brush so it was easier to apply. If you have short nails, use smaller stroke. TIP: For shorter nails, you can paint past the ‘C’ curve to make them look longer. But don’t paint past the middle or it’ll look awkward.
Next your glittery polish! Apply across just like the black nail polish. You can stop here if you want and you’ll have a nice Frenchy look. Also, do not apply too much. Just a thin strip! Remember, less is more.. sometimes.. haha.
Finally, the Starry Silver Glitter! Don’t apply it all the way. Start from a little above the middle to the end. That gives it a more gradual look.
ou can apply a top coat after this step. I didn’t apply one this time, because personally it makes my nail polish peel more easily. But it makes your nails shiny and protects your design ^-^ And here is the final result! You can do other color variations. ^-^

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello world! New Blog and a New Beginning!

Yay! A new blog! :D Hmmm for some introductions I suppose.. My username is Kawaii Riceball! I have a twitter;


and a youtube page!


Umm I hope to do some tutorials about beauty and other stuff! Including, but not limited to: nails, make up, hair (maybe). My focus is mainly nails though :D I might include some homemade stuff. I have an shop on google, which I hope to sell some stuff with, so if you see a nail set that I do that you like, we can discuss :] My website is:


Although you will see absolutely nothing on it haha, because I haven’t really launched it yet. ^-^;;; Especially since I’m at college now and my house is almost an hour away so I’m not 100% sure how that will work out.. But if people are interested then I will definitely make an effort to make it work ^-^ I hope to update as often as I can xD

If you prefer that I sell on another website like Etsy or something, let me know!

Some random ish about me.. I love learning about different cultures. I am Taiwanese..

I LOVE love art. Not just beauty and all that jazz. I would love to do some sewing though xD or cosplay costumes o_____o But that’s another story.. Umm but I loved painting, drawing, and some media I’ve used are ink, conte crayon, paint, of course hahaa. Not that I don’t love it now, but I don’t really have time to do it anymore.. hahahaa xD Ah well..

Well that’s enough ranting for me today xD Let’s hope for an auspicious beginning! :