Monday, January 24, 2011

Circle Lenses Seller Review: Candy Lens

So I needed to order some blue lenses because I planned on doing a mini photoshoot with my Yuna cosplay. I already had Dolly Lens Green from my Kurama cosplay, so I figured I'd just order some Dolly Lens Blue. I didn't want to have to wait for a batch or pre-order so I was surfing around on the internet.

I stumbled upon Candy Lens, and it said they would take 2 weeks to deliver. They're a circle lenses store based in Malaysia. And they gave you a tracking number to check on your lenses. I ordered on July 27th, and they were able to ship it out within the next day.

My one issue is that tracking it. They said sometimes the Malaysia Pos (where you can track the package) doesn't update properly and after a week, to check it from your local post office website. It has been 9 days since they said they'd deliver it. The Malaysia Pos website updated it for the day it supposedly shipped. But when I checked the USPS website, it says "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment." So I'm wondering what has become of my lenses. But it hasn't been two weeks so I don't want to assume anything yet. Shall update it next week!

EDIT: I received the lenses on Monday, August 9th. It took less than 2 weeks to deliver! The lenses were in a cute little box and I received a cute little 'thank you' card from the seller.

- Quick delivery
- Free lenses case
- Cute packaging

- Unreliable tracking number for those who want to track it

Price: 25.90$ + 4.50$ shipping = 30.40$

Would I order from them again? Yes!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year! + Five. Taiwan Edition.

Happy New Year everyone! I'm going to write about 5 topics from Taiwan. 5 for the number of mosquito bites on my face from Taiwan haha. I had all these things to write about and I come home and forget it all.. I shall make another post to for images of the things I bought xD

It was awesomeee. The weather was so nice. It was pretty warm in Taipei. I literally went shopping every day haha. If I didn't go eat with family I was out with my mom shopping. For New Year's I went out with a friend of mine I haven't seen in 3 years. We caught up and went to see the fireworks at Taipei 101. They were extra special this year because it's the 100th year of Taiwan being a republic! WHOOT! Haha. Bought Ayu's new cd, "Love Songs." Haven't listened to it yet, but I love her music sooo hope it shouldn't disappoint! I also got a haircut! I wanted to get choppy layers and possibly straighten it, by my mom said she would only pay for getting a perm so I got a perm instead haha. Also got new glasses!

Family and Friends.
Anyone who knows me knows that I don't have any relatives in America. All of my relatives live in Taiwan. It was nice being able to see everyone. Some of my cousins I hadn't seen in more than 3 years. Unfortunately around this time of year, they still have exams, so I only saw them once or twice. Haha twice if I was lucky. Some of my aunts and uncles I didn't get to see the last time I went to Taiwan, so it was nice seeing everyone this time. I also met up with a few friends! One of my friends I met during a summer program in Taiwan called AID, Assisting Individuals with Disadvantages. She lives in California so it's not like I can see her when I feel like it haha. She happened to be going to Taiwan around the time I was going so I was able to hang out with her. Another friend is the one I went to Taipei 101 with. She moved to Taiwan I forget how many years ago, so I can only see her when I go to Taiwan.

I go to Taiwan and still end up doing work xD I found some nice fake engagement rings to use for Serah/Snow's necklace from Final Fantasy 13. I shall revamp it, thinking about buying some new paints for it too! I bought 10 of the rings, so 10 limited edition revamped Serah/Snow necklace! [Technically 9 since I'll be keeping one for myself xD] I also found.. The Clow Book from Cardcaptors Sakura! Hahaa I can definitely prop that for future cosplays.. -hint- -hint- Bought a few cosplay accessories.. LOL Actually just one really xD Debated on buying a Tidus necklace for the future FFX photoshoot, but then decided against it haha. Spent so much money on other things LOL

Decided that this year, I'm going to work more on my shop. Need to pay for cosplay things LOL. I bought some things to work on, will be introducing a new craft/product. (New for me at least haha.) I also bought more products and packaging things! I'm hoping to be able to sell things at an artist alley at a convention for a day or so.. Butt we'll see what happensI shall do some more deco things. Bought a few blank mirrors to decorate :O Will do more cosplay commissions. I'm most likely going to stay with accessories/jewelry/small-medium props. Which leads to the next topic..

With the way things are going, I'm most likely going to go to FIT. My application is still being processed, but I'm looking to do a non-degree program in the meantime. Unless, I get accepted haha. I'll be commuting unless I get accepted. In any case, being at home/close to home makes it easier for me to work on cosplay things. But ahh things keep happening, so I'm not sure.

Time for some resolutions! [In no particular order]
- Focus on school work.
- Finish my cosplays long before conventions.
- Improve my sewing skills.
- Focus more on my shop.
- Stop procrastinating and go on the Internet less.
- Update my blog more.
- Make more cosplays than originally planned.
- Work out/Get in shape.
- Attend more conventions.

As for Cosplay news, Sheryl x Rank will be pushed down for NYAF. My friend, Euphoria, will cosplaying as the lovely Sheryl Nome in her Galaxy Tour outfit. We shall do Evangelion then as well. I uploaded a separate page for conventions.