Sunday, June 27, 2010

AnimeNext 2010!

Ah should've updated this last week xD I'm just going to copy and paste what I wrote from my dA on here 
Note: All the links lead to dA accounts xD


I wore my Kurama cosplay this day! I was up all night working on finishing my cosplays, and due to my poor time management, I didn't really get to work on the wig as much as I would have liked. I wanted to cut the bangs more, so I'm probably gonna end up doing that some time next month (since I still have summer classes..) and upload pictures! Or if I can find a photographer that'd be even better.. kekeke xD

So I ended up getting 2 hours of sleep. Woke up.. Didn't start packing until like 9 AM.. >___> Went to the convention, got there around 1ish. My parents drove me and when we started getting near the Garden State Expo Center... Oh my gosh. I saw so many cosplayers walking around outside.. I got soo excited.

There's not much to say about in the convention.. Haha yeah okay! xD A bunch of people asked for my picture. Met a few fan girls.. LOL Met a Yoko Kurama :O and a Hiei! My friend was supposed to cosplay as Hiei, but he said he didn't get his costume in time. But I didn't really mind, I was happy that I got to cosplay as Kurama xD Saw all my friends from college :] And my roomiee :iconfireburningbrightly: Uhmm.. yeah. Bought cat ears.. kekeke. xD And an AnimeNEXT t-shirt!

Can't remember what I did at night.. I went somewhere.. Oh! My friend wanted to go to the 'How to Draw Yuri' Panel xD I ended up leaving because I had to go get a needle to fix mah cosplays with.. >< Well.. just the ears for Pichu! There's a bunch of inbetween stories but.. I don't wanna make this epic entry more epic xD But to finish, I freaked out because I couldn't get the Pichu ears on the headband without flopping! So I went to sleep.


Woke up at 7, to do a photoshoot with ~Knightmare6 :iconknightmare6:! Well the shoot was at 9AM xD Finally got my ears to semi-work, by pinning them to my head xD At one point they were perfect, then they slowly started drooping towards the end of the shoot. We shot with the Pikachu family! My two friends as Raichu and Pikachu, me as Pichu, :iconfireburningbrightly: as Minun, and :iconrockerneko: as Plusle!

Did the photoshoot, then roamed. Roaming.. roaming.. My mom brought me mah Tifa outfit! :D Thennnn.. yeah.


I'm so tired I don't feel like typing anymore xD So I woke up at 7AM again and got ready. Did a photoshoot with ~thebigtog :iconthebigtog: and ~KoreanHolic :iconkoreanholic: as Yuffie! Had a ton of fun ^^ Then I was supposed to go to another FF photoshoot at 12:30 and I waited.. and :iconkoreanholic: and we waited a good 30-40 minutes.

And then as I was leaving I met ~Lingering-Tears :iconlingering-tears: as Princess Garnet from FFIX ~SylphinesBane :iconsylphinesbane: as ViVi from FFIX and Cloud from Advent Children, and a few others who's dA I don't know >< They wanted to do a shoot as well! So we ended up congregating outside xD So we had a Tifa, Vivi, Princess Garnet, Cloud, Yuffie, Yuna, Reno. I think that's it? The most random assortment of FF people xD There ended up being a Lebreau later (from FFXIII). And another Yuffie, and some others xD

I saw :iconknightmare6: again! And he was half an hour early for a shoot, and we were talking. I told him about how there was supposed to be a FF shoot but no one showed up >< So he offered to take some pictures for us! So we had an epic Final Fantasy shoot with random crossovers xD It was a lot of fun! I hope everyone enjoyed it ^^

So yeah, that pretty much summed up my day. Went to the dealer's room, bought a sword.. kekeke.. xD That I ended up giving to my dad for Father's Day. OH MY GOSH. The last epic thing. I went to the artist alley because I saw this Lightning poster that I was absolutely in love with since the first day of the con. Before that I went to a stand next to my friend's ~Raydiant :iconraydiant: because our friend wanted to talk to him about something.

So I was just looking at his friend's posters ~ProdigyBombay :iconprodigybombay: I was just looking through her portfolio. Her artwork was really beautiful and it definitely caught my eye, but in my mind I really wanted that Lightning poster so I wasn't really planning on buy anything. Until I saw this.

Okay, if you've never played RebirthRO, you probably won't have any idea what I'm talking about. But oh my gosh.. the moment I saw that poster.. I died.. And went to fangirl mode.. xD That picture was used in the MMORPG Rebirth Ragnarok in the menu, when you first open the game. I recognized it almost immediately and ahh.. I just had to have it xD When I used to play RO that picture always caught my eye. I thought it was beautiful and I wanted to find the actual picture, but that never really happened. xD

So ahh.. I bought it :] I asked her to sign it too! I feel really stupid asking her to sign it in the back though. No one's gonna see it! >< Ahh well. I got the poster and met the girl who made it so that was good enough.

I went to go buy the Lightning poster, and it was 20$ but I was short and only had 14$ D: The artist alley was closing soon and the girl was so kind and let me buy the poster size for 14$ :D She doesn't have a deviantArt though, because she said she doesn't post her pictures online. So I'm rather reluctant to take a picture and show it.. ><


But yeah! That's all about my adventures! Or most of it at least ^^ Oh.. one last thing..


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Deco Choco Contact Lens Case

I decorated my contact lens case! I like the way they came out ^^ Feel free to click the image for full resolution!

I still have a few more blank lens cases that I still want to decorate :D Since my contact solution always comes with a free pair of contact lens cases.

So yeah.. that's all for now! ^^

Kurama Teaser Shot

Wheee! Got my green contacts in the mail! I wanted to test out the "male" makeup xD Still need to finish working on the wig though.

I think the eyebrows should be browner.. Made it too black.. @___@

Soo just a test shot! .. for now.. TEASER SHOT! Everyone says I look too girly.. x____x