Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New York Anime Festival/Comic Con 2010

October 9th, I went to NYAF/NYCC! I really only planned on going for Saturday only because i'm going to school in Philly, so it would've been inconvenient going on Friday. Sunday was my catch up day for homework, and I have early classes so I didn't want to end up being out too late. So my original plan was to go on Saturday, wake up at 8:15, leave to take the bus to the Greyhound station at 9:30, take the 11 o'clock Greyhound, be there at 1. Then go back to Philly on the 8 o'clock Greyhound to arrive back at 10:20, then get back to school by/before 11. Sounds good right? Here's what ended up happening.

I woke up at 8:15, had to go to my friend's dorm because he had to take a shower and he was going with me. Started doing my make-up and freaked out because I couldn't print out my ticket the night before. I had assumed it was a computer issue because it happened on two different computers. My friend changed his ink cartridge and it just didn't feel like cooperating. So it was around 9:20, we decided to split up. I was going to go to the library to print out my ticket, and he'd go to the campus center to buy tokens for the bus. The library wasn't even open and no one was at the front desk in the campus center.

So I called my friend as a last resort, and she said she'd drive us to the Greyhound station. So we went back to my friend's dorm in an effort to print out these tickets. I ended up taking the old black ink cartridge he had replaced and shook it and said, "If it prints out, then it's meant to be." And it worked!

My friend drove us to the Greyhound station and we ended up going on the 11:30 bus because the 11:00 one was full. By the time we got to the Javits Center it was about 2:20. There were so many people! It felt great going to a convention and cosplaying again. I met one of my photographer friends, Powdy, with his group from Photography X. Met a Cloud and Aerith, had epic pictures taken with the two. Met up with TheBigTog, chatted for a bit, then I went to the Final Fantasy photoshoot which was supposed to happen.

I met up with the Cloud, and there were literally no one there! I met Haruhi and Ranmaru of the NYCCosplayers group who cosplayed as Tifa (AC version) and Vincent respectively. Then we met a Barret, then another Tifa (Original version), her friend a Squall, a Lightning, Fang, a Sazh who stayed for a little bit, a Rinoa for Squall xD, a Chocobo, Moogle.

Sooo many people wanted to take our pictures hahaa. I felt bad for the ones who had to hold weapons xD Afterwards I met up with another of my photographer friends, Baldwin and later Youkuro. We were all really bored, so Baldwin and I had a mini photoshoot. No convention experience is complete without me doing a photoshoot xD So it seems. After that we went to the Dealer's room, I tried on a corset. If it weren't 200$ I would've bought one. It helped my posture xDD

That was pretty much my NYAF/NYCC adventure! Did you go to NYAF/NYCC? Tell me your stories! ^^