Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nail Tutorials.

It has been.. a little over a year since I did nail tutorials. I have hardly been buying nail magazines as well >< (My mom always tells me to buy then in Taiwan because they're cheaper, but I didn't get a chance to the last time I went!) I bought a few at BookOff in NY.. But I've hardly been doing them. Saying school and cosplays don't give me enough time to do them would be a half lie. But, nail art is still one of my passions. So.

I've decided to 'attempt' to invest more time into them like I said I would do in my New Year's resolutions. So the other day I was thinking of nail tutorials I could do. And I figured since it's the beginning of April, that usually means prom season! Actually.. Maybe it's May, I'm not really sure. My prom was in June, which is already pretty late, so.. yeah.

I have 3 looks in mind. For short nails, long squarish nails, and long oval shaped nails. One look will be more simple but party/glam look, another more elegant, and last just.. "blinged out," as opposed to the standard 'French nails.' Someone wanted me to upload a tutorial for what I did for my prom. But I also spent hours on them, so.. I sort of never did that tutorial.

I hope you can understand why.. OTL

Haha this was when I was really into nails! I don't want to ever give that up.


  1. where did you get your nails done at? its really beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I made them myself actually. I just bought the clear fake nail base and then decorated it~